Travel the World While Building a Digital Marketing Business
Travel the World While Building a Digital Marketing Business

Finding Bliss in Ocean Beach

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Next month will be nine years that I have lived in this funky little beach community of Ocean Beach, CA. It is truly a remarkable place like no other. Unlike other beach towns that have been taken over by multi-million dollar homes and seem to do everything in their power to outdo one another, “OB” has kept its laid-back, surfer-town vibe. It may not be free of problems, but when you take a stroll down close to the beach and up and down Newport Avenue, you will see why this truly is heaven. Head over on a Wednesday to discover the weekly farmers market, filled with live music, fresh produce and enough people-watching to last you a lifetime.

Lifeguard Statue in Ocean Beach
Lifeguard statue looking out at Ocean Beach

As you can see, a quick stroll down by the seawall has it all. There’s a beautiful sunset, people chatting, riding bikes, waves crashing, and even some wild Red-Crowned Parrots squawking overhead.


Feeling the Funk Down by the OB Hostel

USA Hostel in Ocean Beach
USA Hostel in Ocean Beach, CA

Years ago this hostel used to be painted a solid white, but a few years ago they had someone come in and paint it. This building really epitomizes everything about the community. It’s a throwback to the hippie culture of the 1960s and fits perfectly with the funky vibes along Newport Avenue. I’ve only seen it from the outside, but visitors and travelers rave about this place. If you’re traveling to OB on a budget, it may be worth checking out.

OB Hostel

Much of May and the beginning of June has had many grey days with a heavy marine layer setting in. While other places throughout the country get ravaged by huge storms and sweltering heat, the clouds are greatly welcomed. Last year we barely had our regular “May Grey” or “June Gloom,” and it turned out to be one of the hottest summers I have experienced. Hopefully, the return of some of the grey means a normal summer and the regular perfect temperature. Tonight, the clouds parted a bit and showed off some stunning blue skies. Did I already say that this place is like heaven?

Ocean Beach, CA

Sometimes after a day of work, it’s important to clear your mind and enjoy your evening without worrying about what will happen tomorrow. What can be even more difficult is avoiding some of the clutter and poison that fills the television. Yes, there are some good shows to watch, some excellent movies, and some great entertainment. However, be sure that you find a little bit of time to escape the bad news, the fighting and the bickering that you see on television and in the news. Find something that brings you comfort, brings you joy, and puts a smile on your face. You’ll be much happier, and better off for it.

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