Travel the World While Building a Digital Marketing Business
Travel the World While Building a Digital Marketing Business

Welcome to The Worry Free Life

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Hi everybody my name is Johnny and I’d like to welcome you to the very first post on The Worry Free Life.

First I want to start off a little bit about why I started this website and what I’m hoping to accomplish with it. I’m just starting to get into the world of internet marketing, and looking for a complete lifestyle transformation, and since there’s so much to learn, I wanted to share what I’m going through as I take this journey. As I move forward into this new venture, I hope to inspire some people, give some ideas, and share some of the ups and downs.  I’d like to share some of the things I am doing along the way, and share which things have worked and what has not worked. I’d also like to get some advice from people who would like to offer some I’m excited to have you join me on this journey moving forward.

My Goals:

To become financially free while doing something I love: (Financial Freedom)This is a term that I had not really heard too often…I mean obviously I’ve heard you can be wealthy and rich, and things like this, but the term financially free is something that I just started hearing within the last couple of months. I started to hear terms like ‘passive income’ and ‘financially free.’ Lately, I’ve been devouring a lot of business books that talk about the mindset that’s also necessary to be successful. A lot has changed for me just in the last couple of months and that is part of why I’m sharing this with you; I want to let you know where I was before, and where a plan on going.

I graduated college back in 2006 from the University of Arizona and when I got out of college, I just needed a job so I took a full time position at a rental car company that was known for having great Management Trainee Program. It was a lot of hours, not the greatest pay, and not exactly what I wanted to do for very long. Eventually I was able to transfer from Tucson out to San Diego with the company (where I live now) and after a couple of years, I decided to leave. From there, I did some sales jobs. I ended up being let go (fired) from one of the sales jobs and for the first time in my life I had to go on unemployment

I know I had the skills to get a job, and there was really no reason for me to be collecting unemployment. In hindsight, I should have worked my tail off…gone out increased my skill set to find something I really enjoyed.  However, I became too complacent. Eventually, I began to receive some responses on my resume, and I eventually landed a job with an insurance company. Welcome to Corporate America. This was big-time Corporate America. I remember walking in the office and noticing about one-hundred and fifty people in there were are just stuck in their cubicles.  The entire office was silent all you can hear was the tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick of the keyboards. Mobody was talking, and I remember thinking ‘oh my gosh, these are bunch of corporate zombies.’  What am I doing here? I remember telling myself, ‘ok this is not for me but I’m going put in one year.’  I figured one year at least would look good on a future resume. Before I realized it, I was there for numerous years. Guess how many years I was there. It was nearly 5 years!!!  I spent five years being miserable, I had gained something like 40 pounds, I was just completely out of shape, and I was getting sick all the time.

Eventually, things came to a head, and I ended up leaving, and for the second time in six years I went back on unemployment. I felt a bit but things changed from the time before. Instead of just sitting back and collecting the money, I went out and I started trying to make money. I started writing for a an online newspaper and I learned how to write a lot of different articles. I learned some stuff about SEO , and in March of 2014, I finally signed up for social media sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

I began to learn social media, SEO, and learned some more WordPress skills. While the ‘job’ didn’t pan out very well, I wrote something like 60-70 articles in a very short amount of time.  For the past year, I’ve been working for a startup company, but my dreams and wishes take me far beyond working for others. I now have the desire, the faith, and the imagination to dream bigger than I’ve ever had.

The Future:

I’ve been reading a lot of books about successful people and people that have made money online and I’ve started her hear the term passive income and financially free. This has led me in the direction of books like: Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and The Compound Effect. I’ve also been listening to a lot of audiobooks when I walk in the morning.

My goals are to become better off financially, but also to get into better shape so that I can become healthier and happier. When it comes down to it, I really hope to become the best version of myself as possible. If I can help you achieve these goals as well, by simply sharing some of what I’m learning, I will be ecstatic. By giving back, I truly believe that we can all be better, and live the life that we dream!

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