What Happens When You Slow Down and Just Enjoy?


The colors begin to pop and the rocks that once trampled under your feet begin to interest you. All of a sudden, looking around into the hillsides you will start to see a wide variety of plant life, flowers that are bursting in colors, interesting rocks…yeah…I said it…interesting rocks! You will start to realize that you have been taking each day and what you see around you for granted. Once you slow down, you will discover that there is a lot of fascinating things happening on a daily basis. Sometimes you just have to take the time to notice it.

Your Eyes are Open…Is Your Mind?

With springtime in full force, the blooms on the cactus are starting to open up. A spider managed to create a cool web down the side of it.

Desert cactus

Desert cactus in San Diego and cool spider web

This is a fascinating plant called Dodder that I had never seen before. All of a sudden I started seeing these orange patches and finally decided to check it out. The plant essentially needs a host plant to latch onto. Kind of a strange, stringy texture to it.


Strange plant called Dodder

A wistful morning

A wistful morning

Desert Plants

New growth just in time for spring

Learn to be fascinated by the things that surround you and everything will begin to stand out. I think it’s easy to go through the days and just see the same thing day after day. However, if you take the time to slow down, you might find that it’s a fascinating world and you might as well stop for a bit and enjoy it.

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