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How Exercise Will Change your Body and Mind


25 Reasons to Exercise Strengthens & tones muscles and improves appearance. Reduces risks for heart disease, e.g., reduces bad LDL cholesterol and increases good HDL cholesterol. Strengthens bones and helps reduce risk of osteoporosis. Improves breathing efficiency. Helps prevent back problems and back pain. Improves posture. May lengthen lifespan. Reduces blood pressure. Improves circulation and oxygen/nutrient transport throughout the body. Decreases the incidence of heart attack. Strengthens heart muscle. Helps create a positive attitude about life. Reduces anxiety and depression. Increases resistance to fatigue. Reduces stress. Strengthens the tissues around the joints and reduces joint discomfort and arthritis if appropriate […]

Cayenne Pepper: Discover the Magical Weight Loss & Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper


What is the Cayenne Pepper Diet As the name suggests, the cayenne pepper diet is based on a hot and spicy chili pepper that bears the same name. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMM), Native Americans have used this pepper for about 9,000 years not only to treat various ailments but also as a pain reliever. The main ingredient in this pepper, capsaicin, is also widely used in Asian countries including China and Japan for medicinal and dietary purposes. For instance, practitioners of traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Indian medicine use it to treat circulatory problems, arthritis pain, stomach […]

Your Lunch is Costing You More Than You Think!


Many of us live in a world where we rise to the sound of a blaring alarm clock, smack it a couple of times to snooze for a few more minutes, and then pull ourselves out of bed. The rush is on to make it into the shower, out the door, and on our way to work in record time. The rush of the morning made it nearly impossible to pack a lunch, so many of us choose to eat lunch out two to three times per week. One thing that we don’t realize is that those lunches are costing […]