comfort zone


The Trick to Conquering Confidence


Confidence is something that comes very naturally to some people, but to others it’s not so simple. When someone carries themselves with extreme confidence, it’s as noticeable as flashing lights and blaring sirens. The ability to carry ourselves with great confidence can determine whether or not we are successful in both our personal lives and in business. There are some people that live by the simple idea that you need to ‘fake it until you make it,’ but I don’t think this is necessarily the way you have to believe. We all have unique and powerful talents within ourselves, so […]

Comfort Zone

Break Free From Your Comfort Zone


Our comfort zone is a place we can go to and find solace and not have to worry about the bigger things in life that might scare us, hit us with a shot of fear, and allow us to live peacefully in a little bubble. Our comfort zone is like those old beat up pajamas that are tattered and worn, comfortable, but absolutely hideous. To everyone else with working eyeballs, the pajamas are an eyesore, and serve absolutely no purpose. We’ve convinced ourselves that we need those pajamas to be comfortable and get a good nights sleep. We have fooled our […]