Learn to See the Good in the World Instead of Focusing on the Bad


If you have spent any time recently watching some of the news or reading the headlines on just about every single news website or newspaper, you will have seen that it has been quite a tumultuous couple of weeks around the country and world. It seems like horrible, tragic events keep piling up on each other and before we can even get over one event, something else happens and soon we forget about that one. If we’re not careful, we can spend a large portion of our time focusing on all of these bad situations, horrible events, and all the negative that’s happening in the world. While we must not completely forget about the some of hardships and struggles that are happening throughout the world, we must learn to also see the good in the world instead of focusing solely on the bad. Otherwise, if the bad is all we see, it will strongly affect our mood, our attitude, and the happiness that we should be seeking.

Out With the Bad and in With the Good

If you spend your time watching the regular news, you’re mostly going to see the negative, the bad, the ugly, the name calling, the bickering, and the anger that drips from the television. For the most part, the people on the news are a bunch of blowhards that know that most of us are suckers for some good back and forth drama. They realize that we’re the society that can get sucked into the most god-awful sitcoms, reality tv shows, and tabloids that fill us in on all of the latest gossip. However, they won’t tell us stories about how celebrity chefs plan on using Olympic leftovers to feed the hungry, or how a new Alzheimers vaccination could be as common as a flu shot, or how this really cool construction worker hid ‘Where’s Waldo’ cutouts on his job site so kids in a children’s hospital could look out the window to see them. Why won’t they tell us these stories? Well, perhaps it’s not about questioning why or why they won’t. Maybe it’s up to us to seek the good news and turn away from the regular, suck-the-soul-outta-me regular news that so easily confronts us. Here’s a great place to start…Good News Network!

Bad news is not wine. It does not improve with age.
–Colin Powell

Perspective Can Change Your Life

We could spend our entire lifetimes focusing on the bad, or we can choose to view the world from a different perspective. Yes, there might be a lot of bad, but we must not forget that there are millions of incredibly kind, generous, and truly remarkable people. What makes them happy? Why do they seem so optimistic? Well, it’s because they choose to view the world differently. Learn to dream bigger, be better, and focus on the good that is happening around you. If you see something that you think should or could change, then volunteer, start an organization, and begin taking small steps toward helping to make this world a better place. Just get out there and accomplish something every single day.  Things may never be perfect, but a positive attitude, optimistic outlook, and a smiling face is something that can go a very long way in making this world just a little bit better. Don’t be weighed down by the negative…rise up and find the good in people, places, communities, work, etc. Learn to focus on the good and you will find yourself one step closer to living a Worry Free Life!


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