From Cubicle to Digital Marketing Agency Founder
From Cubicle to Digital Marketing Agency Founder

How Will You Spend Your 86,400 Seconds?

Many of us find ourselves sitting in front of a computer screen throughout a large portion of our day, so we need to be very careful about how we spend our time. It’s so easy to get distracted by the latest viral video or some nonsense article that’s click bait just waiting for us. There are 86,400 seconds per day, and for us to reach the level of achievement that we aim for, it’s important to be wise in how we spend this time.

It’s easy for us to lose focus and lose ourselves in the internet world, or just as easily to get lost in our daydreams. FOCUS is everything, and without it, we will crumble like a week old cookie. I’m not saying that every single second of every single day needs to be spent grinding away and working ourselves to death. However, learn to use your time wisely and instead of watching some silly YouTube video that is offering absolutely nothing in terms of making you a better person, instead choose to watch something educational or play some type of brain games. Try watching an episode of Ted Talks, or checking out brain sites like Lumosity. Neither of these take much time, and oftentimes they are fun. Use that time to get better, and make sure you keep driving yourself forward.

Stay Focused

How much time are you spending on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Do you find yourself strolling down the timelines and reading about the lives of people that you have not seen in ten years? Do yourself a favor and stop this habit right now. Yes, it’s a habit and it’s not doing you any good. It’s so simple to become distracted into today’s world and even easier to become part of a real life soap-opera; so if you’re looking to get a little bit better each day, you’re not only going to have to change the way you think, but you’re going to have to start walking the walk.

I have found myself trapped in this same cycle that I’m currently talking about, so this is not a lecture, but it’s a way for me to say that I’ve been there, done that, hopefully I’ve learned my lessons and now I’ve moved on. I was one of those people that refused to sign up for Facebook for years because it felt good to be in the minority of people that did not give in. However, I finally succumbed and took the plunge. Immediately, I began racking up friends and even found myself approving people that I had not seen since high school (I barely even knew them back then). Before long, my timeline was cluttered with a couple of hundred people that I barely knew, yet I continued to stroll through the timeline and found myself getting caught up in their lives; their lives that were probably half truth, half fiction. I soon realized that I was easily wasting nearly an hour per day (although I liked to lie to myself and say that it was only about 15 minutes). After less than a year, I pulled back, unplugged myself from Facebook and disappeared for a bit.


Fast forward six months or so and I’ve now rejoined, but so far I’ve only ‘friended’ a hand full of people. I’ve been using it primarily to receive information, fill my timeline with positive quotes, thoughts, inspiring people. So far, I’m using it primarily as an information tool That’s not to say that I won’t begin to add more people as I move forward, but for now, I’m still in a sort of Facebook rehab. I’ve learned that wasting even 500 seconds out of my 86,400 will not benefit me, so I’m learning to use my seconds wisely.

The Clock is Ticking

Our goal is to be great; not just good…but great! For us to reach our goals and our ultimate desires, we must learn to fill our heads with things that educate, inspire, and motivate us. Once our ‘work day’ has come to an end, feel free to take about an hour to shut off the mind and enjoy some entertainment. However, remember… there’s limited seconds in the day, and the clock is always ticking. Tick. Tick. Tick. How will you spend your 86,400 seconds?

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