Good Morning Monday


I’m not sure if people are serious when they say “Happy Monday,” or if there’s a serious tongue-in-cheek bit of sarcasm going on there, but one of my goal’s in this world is to be able to say it with 100% conviction. There’s no reason for us to live this life and have a throw-away type of a day. It’s almost as if we have become pre-conditioned to dislike  even hearing the word Monday. The word has become synonymous with misery, and for me that’s incredibly sad. I say get up, face the day and be grateful for what you have, where you’re going, and who you have in your lives.

I’m not a preacher, and I’m not this 100% of the time positive person who walks around with a consistently faux smile on my face, but I do understand the importance of having a positive attitude. Remember hearing the story, or the idea that if you “think you’re sick,” then you will become sick? I remember hearing people saying that when I was young, and I really believed it, and I still believe that to this day. So then, why should it not be the same with positive thinking and a good attitude? If you believe that today is a great day, then the chances are that you will have a great day. Sometimes we wake up already feeling a bit sluggish and hit the snooze button over and over and over, and then when someone is practically chewing on our car bumper on the way to work, it pushes us over the top. We already go into the day with a negative attitude, and almost as if the world was out to get us, people and negative things attack us from all directions. A lot of times we get what we put out. Bad luck? I don’t believe in it. Karma? Call it what you would like, but the more good you do, the better chances you have of that coming back to you.

I write this as a message to myself to continue and try to improve each and every day. Not every day is going to be an amazing day, but why not try and make it one? I’ve spent too much of my time being in places that I don’t want to be, and have complained ad-nauseum, but guess what…there’s nobody to blame but yourself/myself. I now face the day with a new lightness, and work hard each and every day to strive for greatness and to live the life that I have in my dreams. I want to see the world and I want to meet new people. I want to work hard, but not only for the almighty dollar. I want to work hard to feel satisfied and obtain my version of success. Success means something different to everyone, so it’s not up to someone else to tell you what that means. It’s up to you, and nobody else.

Go out, live a Monday as if it’s a Friday. Don’t fall into a self-fulfilled prophecy that will do nothing but drag you down. Shoot for the stars so that you can land on the moon…and if you happen to surpass the moon, keep shooting for those distant galaxies!