The Road Leads Back to Cave Creek


It doesn’t matter how many beautiful places I’ve seen, and how many places I’ve been. When all is said and done, Cave Creek, Arizona is still one of the coolest places there is. Yes, the place has grown tremendously from the time I lived there during the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s. Yes, some of the old stomping grounds have been bull-dozed over to make room for fancier condos, commercial buildings, and stuff I would say is built for the sole reason of satisfying the yuppy. But beyond the growth and the influx of yuppiness, the beauty, small-town delights and warm […]

Visiting Paradise!


It’s not everyday that you get to visit Paradise! Fortunately, on a recent trip to Seattle, and then south to Mt. Rainier National Park, I did get to visit Paradise. Located just about two-and-a-half hours to the southeast of The Emerald City, nestled right at the base of the 14,411 majestic peak of Mt. Rainier is this stunning area, aptly named ‘Paradise.’ From what I was able to see during a half a day visit to this area of the park, from what I can tell, there was nothing more than a lodge, a visitor center, and then a stunningly […]

Discovering Spain’s Magical Brilliance in Andalucia


I’ve fallen in love again. Quite possibly harder than I have in the past. I’ve fallen for the vast landscape of seemingly infinite olive groves, the mash-up of cultures, the nonsensical zig-zagging of streets and alleys, and the lack of any true sense of urgency that seems so prevalent with the people that call this region of Spain their home. I have found myself in the heart of Andalucia, free to roam the streets aimlessly in search of tasty tapas, some local vino, and listen nonchalantly for the distant sounds of the foot stomping of Flamenco dancers that escape from […]

Blairsden/Graegle, CA

RV Trip from Pacific NW to Vegas: Like a Band of Gypsies


I recently returned from a stunning four-day RV trip that took us on a journey from the Pacific Northwest through the rugged mountains of California, through Death Valley National Park, and to the desert oasis of Las Vegas, NV. As I sat there for hours upon end staring out at the vivid landscape that zipped past me for four days, I once again, as I always do when I’m out and about traveling, began to yearn for a life that allows me to see more of this great world. As we started our journey and continued further south, the various […]

Getting out and Enjoying Life in Julian, California


If you’re ever looking for a great day trip from San Diego, Julian, California is a great place to check out. Getting there from downtown is quite simple, and takes about an hour and a half at the most. You can either take the route that heads east past Alpine and then make the journey northward past Lake Cuyamaca. The winding roads make it a bit of a slow trip, but there’s lot of great scenery, some small little towns and roadside stands that sell fresh strawberries. The other route, the one I took on this particular day led me […]

I Left my Heart in Budapest


Oh Budapest, you far off land that once seemed like it was so far from reach. How I already miss you so! For some reason, the city of Budapest always seemed like a mysterious destination to me and its been one of those places I didn’t know much about. I had heard people talk about it, seen a couple of photos, but it had never ranked on my short list of ‘must-see’ places. Not for any reason in particular, but more so because of my lack of knowledge and information about the Hungarian capital. Just having the name Buda in the title […]