Birding Instead of Newsing


It was quite the week in American news and politics. If you turn on the television or simply decide to open up the internet, you would immediately think that the world is crumbling all at once. There’s violence, hatred, back and forth shouting, and blowhards on both sides, whatever that means, bickering at each other. There’s love vs hate. Hate vs love. Opinion vs Opinion. Quite simply, things have just gotten completely out of control. So, instead of spending a pleasant evening reading about or listening to people tell me about everything that is bringing a major suck to my […]

Visiting Paradise!


It’s not everyday that you get to visit Paradise! Fortunately, on a recent trip to Seattle, and then south to Mt. Rainier National Park, I did get to visit Paradise. Located just about two-and-a-half hours to the southeast of The Emerald City, nestled right at the base of the 14,411 majestic peak of Mt. Rainier is this stunning area, aptly named ‘Paradise.’ From what I was able to see during a half a day visit to this area of the park, from what I can tell, there was nothing more than a lodge, a visitor center, and then a stunningly […]

Why Palomar Mountain is One of Best Hikes in San Diego


The winding South Grade Road that leads up to Palomar Mountain led me into deep, socked-in fog that began to conceal the thick woodlands along the roadside. Then, like an airplane rising up over a thick marine layer, I emerged into high blue skies and along a vista that overlooked a sea of clouds below. I had yet to set foot on the hiking trail, but I could already sense and see the vast wilderness that surrounded, and I knew then that I was in for a great day, and ready to experience one of the best hikes in San […]

Garnet Peak

Finding Serenity in the Woodlands of Mt. Laguna and the Pacific Crest Trail


My previous hike throughout Mission Trails Regional Park was a great introduction to get my feet moving, get the blood pumping, and a way to begin quenching my inextinguishable thirst to travel, wander, and get away from the norm. However, the power lines that buzzed overhead and the constant views of rooftops and distance cityscapes had me yearning for something a little more remote. After doing a little bit of research on some of the best hikes around San Diego, I came across the Modern Hiker website. This site was a wealth of information that allowed me to browse through […]

Hiking Mission Trails Regional Park


Just recently I wrote about how I would like to return to nature a bit and start exploring some more of the areas in and around San Diego County. Well, I made good on my promise to myself and set out on Saturday morning to Mission Trails Regional Park. It’s just about 25 minutes from my place, so I was able to make it there by about 8:45 that morning. I entered the park of more than 7,000 acres of hiking trails, valleys, and rolling hill summits from Clairemont Mesa Blvd. I started my hike along the eastern edge of […]