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How I Quit Coffee Without Going Completely Insane


A little more than two months ago, for no specific reason, in particular, I decided to completely quit drinking coffee. It was a decision I made mostly as a test to myself to prove that I’m able to sustain from anything, with a little bit of will-power. What I experienced from caffeine withdrawal over the course of five days absolutely knocked me for a loop, made me feel like my head was going to pop off the top of my neck, and kicked my butt big time. Seriously? Those headaches that people talk about when they don’t get their caffeine […]

Breaking a 7 Minute Mile: Mission Accomplished


I recently wrote about how I was able to shave down my 1-mile time to 7:16 and wasn’t quite sure if I should push it farther and try to break the 7-minute mile mark. Part of me was saying, ‘yeah, go for it,’ but the other part of me was thinking that it might be incredibly tough. After all, cutting down an additional 16 or 17 seconds is a lot more than people think. The other part of me was saying to just start running some longer distances. I guess I was kind of torn on where to go next. I […]


Running One Mile in 7:16


I have always said that there are two things in this world that I really don’t enjoy…math…and running! It’s something that has always seemed like a huge chore to me, and for the life of me I could not understand why these delusional people have kept telling me about the joys of running. Seriously, running for fun? Just the thought of it would rattle around in my brain for a moment before getting tossed aside like it was some type of joke. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the purpose of running and all of the great benefits it […]

Simple Tip on How I Lost Nearly 40 Pounds!


Losing Weight Starts With Your Mindset   Want to Talk the Talk? Then You Better Walk the Walk Today I want to share a little bit of fitness advice. A couple of years ago I weighed nearly 40 pounds more than I did today and I just want to give you just a quick little tip on something simple that you can start doing to help you drop the weight. Here’s the tip: Get up to 45 minutes earlier in the day and just go for a walk! It doesn’t have to be a speed walk, a jog, or a […]