Monthly Archives: May 2017

Stalling on My Goals: Finding Motivation to Bounce Forward


I have come to the realization that so many of the goals that I had set, and some of the achievements I had hoped to reach have somehow slipped away. I’m not exactly sure why this has happened. Perhaps it’s a combination of being content along with some bouts of laziness, and life just sneaking up on me like a stranger in a dark night. It’s kind of upsetting to set out to accomplish something, only to let it quickly fizzle and fall so abruptly from the mind. I don’t know how to fix this, other than to get better […]

The Day My World Changed Forever


My mind feels full but my thoughts constantly barrage my senses. It’s difficult at this time to know exactly how things will turn out, what the future holds, and how long it will be before my life returns to any sense of normality. I know eventually as the hands on the clock continue to turn and I continue to rip away the pages of my daily calendar, that the days will slowly get easier. But for now, what should be a calming thought, thinking that the days will slowly get better, is still clouded by the thoughts that things will […]