From Cubicle to Digital Marketing Agency Founder
From Cubicle to Digital Marketing Agency Founder

✅Checking Back In

I am looking at this blog and it appears that I have not made any type of entry or done much on here in about 3 years. My latest post shows my trip to Italy, which was back in 2017 which is kind of crazy to think about. To be honest, I’m not really sure what made me log back in here. Perhaps it’s a number of things like wanting to put something down into words about what I’m up to, have been up to, and how my experiences these last few years can potentially help others.

I am not going to use this post to dive too deep into it because it’s getting late right now and I just figured out how to even begin doing this again, but I wanted to start, so here I am.

Since that last post I have quit my job, started a digital marketing agency and finally escaped the confines of cubicle life. Getting to where I am today has not been an easy ride and there is still a lot more that I need to do, but one thing that I am proud of is that I went for it and it’s working!

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I think on this blog I would like to share my experiences so that maybe I can inspire at least one person to not be so complacent and fearful about branching off into doing their own thing. A lot of people along the way will not be the most supportive and many will doubt the decisions that will be made, but with a strong mind and some perseverance, anything really is possible.

I hope that I can keep this updated and I hope that along the way I can start adding some value for others. I’m going to outline my journey and what it took to get here and also give some advice to others on what they can do to start moving in the right direction. That’s all I’ve got for now. See you soon.


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