The Worry Free Life
Here we go! The holiday season is kicking into high gear, and usually what that means is that people are cooking, cleaning, hosting, shopping, and stressing. It’s a time of year when we give thanks and join family and friends around the table, and then after stuffing our faces beyond […]

How will you Choose to go Through This Holiday Season?

Bamberg Dom
I’m not sure if people are serious when they say “Happy Monday,” or if there’s a serious tongue-in-cheek bit of sarcasm going on there, but one of my goal’s in this world is to be able to say it with 100% conviction. There’s no reason for us to live this […]

Good Morning Monday

Julian, CA
I decided to take a drive out to the town of Julian to soak up some small town vibes. When living close to a city, it’s easy to get stuck in a bit of a rut and forget about the beauty of wide open spaces. People weren’t meant to stare […]

Getting out and Enjoying Life in Julian, California

Oh Budapest, you far off land that once seemed like it was so far from reach. How I already miss you so! For some reason, the city of Budapest always seemed like a mysterious destination to me and its been one of those places I didn’t know much about. I had […]

I Left my Heart in Budapest

Lets Be Still
Do you ever find that sometimes life gets in the way of life? We spend so much time focusing on what’s next and what our next task will be, that oftentimes we forget to slow down a bit and focus on what’s important in life. We work to pay our […]

Recharge Your Batteries

Drawing by Xavier Verges;
Have you ever gone to a restaurant and had a good meal with good service, and then when it comes time to tip you think to yourself how much of a tip you should leave? Sometimes you have two amounts in your head, and depending on how generous you feel […]

Why it’s Important to be a Two-Quarter Type of Person

The Traveler's Gift
If you’ve never heard of The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews, let today be the day that all of that changes. This book had been sitting in my bookcase for nine months or so, but I had not bothered to pick it up and read it. The other day I […]

The Traveler’s Gift Quickly Becomes one of my Favorite Books!

10 Things I Have Learned
It’s amazing how things change over the course of your life. Sometimes change seems to come at you like a freight train, while other times it’s a slow process that you don’t realize until you look in the mirror one day and notice it. It’s like noticing those grey hairs […]

10 Things I Have Learned in the 10 Years Since ...